Announcing the Engagement of T.O.M. 3rd & Alexa!

T.O.M. 3rd (Telecommunication Operations Manager v3) is version 3 of this system I first developed back in 1988 in anticipation of getting my Ham Radio License.

I built the first system using a Commodore 64 & S.A.M. speech output software which trained the 3 onboard synthesizers to speak and used a touch-tone decoder chip interfaced into the joystick port as input to control things of your choice and respond with control and speech, one of the first touch-tone controlled computer menu networks, which are now everywhere...

The 3rd version I started building in 2012 is about 1' x 2' on a board, where the first version took up half a room, but they both have unlimited control capabilities, and now with the marriage of Alexa as an input device and controller into the complete system it will allow much more control overall with much more complexity...

If you are interested in what I'm doing here, give me a call and let's talk about it... -Robert-


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