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The Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing device that continues to grow exponentially!

The Amazon Echo Dot Arttificial Intelligence unit is cloud-based and is connected to the internet at all times via Wi-Fi to operate, but, it only records after the trigger word of "alexa" and at no other time, contrary to the latest News that "Alexa" may be a witness to a murder, absurd...

Here is a chance for 'Us' to ask the Amazon Echo Dot questions before you buy...

Call this number now to ask Alexa your questions and hear what she has to say as I have connected her to my phone-line...
( 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM PST )


Not sure what to ask?

Here are some questions I have asked Alexa and there are multiple answers to some questions:

  1. ? (I Will Add Your Questions)
  2. 1 Fish 2 Fish?
  3. Are We In The Matrix?
  4. Are You A Robot?
  5. Are You Alive?
  6. Are You Evil?
  7. Are You God?
  8. Are You Human?
  9. Are You Hungry/Thirsty?
  10. Are You In Love?
  11. Are You Lying?
  12. Are You My Friend?
  13. Are You Real?
  14. Are You Smoking?
  15. Are You Tired?
  16. Are You Working?
  17. Beam Me Up.
  18. Boxers Or Briefs?
  19. Can I Tell You A Joke?
  20. Can I Tell You A Secret?
  21. Can You Beatbox?
  22. Can You Dance?
  23. Can You Give Me Some Money? (Ask Twice)
  24. Can You Pass The Turing Test?
  25. Can You Sing?
  26. Can You Speak Russian
  27. Can You Spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? ( Any Word )
  28. Clap
  29. Close The Pod Bay Doors.
  30. Count By Ten.
  31. Did You Miss Me?
  32. Do Aliens Exist?
  33. Do You Believe In Ghosts?
  34. Do You Believe In God?
  35. Do You Have A Boyfriend?
  36. Do You Have A Brain/Heart?
  37. Do You Have A Girlfriend?
  38. Do You Have A Job?
  39. Do You Have A Lover?
  40. Do You Have Any Brothers Or Sisters?
  41. Do You Have Any Pets?
  42. Do You Have Any Relatives?
  43. Do You Have Prince Albert In A Can?
  44. Do You Know Cortana?
  45. Do You Know Everything?
  46. Do You Know Google Now?
  47. Do You Know Hal?
  48. Do You Know Siri?
  49. Do You Know The Muffin Man?
  50. Do You Like Green Eggs And Ham?
  51. Do You Like Jeff Bezos?
  52. Do You Like Me?
  53. Do You Sleep?
  54. Do You Smoke?
  55. Do You Think I Am Pretty?
  56. Do You Want To Fight?
  57. Do You Want To Go On A Date?
  58. Do You Want To Play A Game?
  59. Does Everyone Poop?
  60. Execute Order 66.
  61. Flip A Coin.
  62. Give Me A Hug.
  63. Give Me A Kiss
  64. Good Night.
  65. Heads Or Tails?
  66. Hello, It's Me.
  67. High Five!
  68. How Do I Get Rid Of A Dead Body?
  69. How Do You Know She Is A Witch?
  70. How Do You Survive A Zombi Attack?
  71. How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down?
  72. How Much Do You Weigh?
  73. How Old Are You?
  74. How Old Is Santa Claus?
  75. How Tall Are You?
  76. I'm Home.
  77. I’m Hungry.
  78. I Have A Cold / The Flu.
  79. I Think You’re Funny.
  80. Is The Cake A Lie?
  81. Is There A Santa?
  82. Is Your Refrigerator Running?
  83. Let's Play Global Thermonuclear War.
  84. Mac or Pc?
  85. Make It So.
  86. Make Me A Sandwich.
  87. Not Everything Is A Question.
  88. Play Some Bruce Springsteen.
  89. Play The Radiolab Podcast. ( A Partnership With Tunein. )
  90. Random Fact.
  91. Random Number Between “#A” And “#Z”.
  92. Rap For Me.
  93. Read Me The Kindle Book Jim Henson: The Biography. ( Alexa Will Do Text-To-Speech From Kindle Books. )
  94. Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  95. Roll The Dice.
  96. Say I Am Alexa.
  97. Say Something In Pig Latin
  98. See You Later Alligator.
  99. Self Destruct.
  100. Show Me The T.V.
  101. Simon Says I Am Alexa.
  102. Simon Says + Words You Want Echo To Repeat.
  103. Sing Happy Birthday.
  104. Sing Me A Song ( Great One! )
  105. Sing The National Anthem
  106. Spell ( Any Word ).
  107. Surely You Can't Be Serious?
  108. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.
  109. Tell Me A Joke.
  110. Tell Me A Riddle.
  111. Tell Me A Secret
  112. Tell Me A Story.
  113. Tell Me About The Movie Straight Outta Compton. ( Using IMDB Or Wikipedia For Material. )
  114. Tell Me Something Interesting.
  115. Tell Me The Truth.
  116. Testing 1-2-3
  117. Thank You.
  118. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start!
  119. Use The Force
  120. What's The Mass Of The Sun In Grams?
  121. What's The Traffic Like From Here To The Airport?
  122. What's Your Sign?
  123. What Are Some Movies Playing Nearby?
  124. What Are Tarot Cards?
  125. What Are The 7 Wonders Of The World?
  126. What Are The Odds Of Navigating An Asteroid Field?
  127. What Are The Three Laws Of Robotics?
  128. What Are You Going To Do Today?
  129. What Are You Wearing?
  130. What Color Are Your Eyes?
  131. What Day Is It?
  132. What Day Of The Week Does The Fourth Of July Fall On?
  133. What Do You Think Of The Shirt I'm Wearing?
  134. What Have The Romans Have Done For Us.
  135. What Is 2 + 4? ( Any Math )
  136. What Is Happiness?
  137. What Is Love?
  138. What Is Mental_Floss?
  139. What Is My Flash Briefing? ( Configurable )
  140. What Is The Airspeed Of Swallows?
  141. What Is The Best Tablet?
  142. What Is The Meaning Of Life?
  143. What Is The Prime Directive?
  144. What Is The Truth Behind King Tut?
  145. What Is The Weather?
  146. What Is Your Favorite Beer?
  147. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  148. What Is Your Favorite Drink?
  149. What Is Your Favorite Food?
  150. What Is Your Feature?
  151. What Is Your Quest?
  152. What Language Do You Speak?
  153. What Makes You Happy?
  154. What Movie Won Best Picture In 1991?
  155. What Number Are You Thinking Of?
  156. What Religion Are You?
  157. What Size Shoe Do You Wear?
  158. What’S Black And White And Red All Over?
  159. What’S The Magic Word?
  160. What’S Your Middle/Last Name?
  161. What’S Your Sign?
  162. When Am I Going To Die?
  163. When Are The Oscars?
  164. When Is The End Of The World?
  165. When Is Your Birthday?
  166. Where Are My Keys? (Ask Two Times)
  167. Where Are You From?
  168. Where Can I Hide A Body?
  169. Where Do Babies Come From?
  170. Where Do I Live?
  171. Where Do You Live?
  172. Where Does Santa Live?
  173. Where Have All The Flowers Gone.
  174. Where Is My Phone
  175. Where Were You Born?
  176. Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?
  177. Which Is Faster, A Rabbit Or A Horse
  178. Who's The Boss?
  179. Who Are You?
  180. Who Is Better You Or Seri?
  181. Who Is Chuck Norris?
  182. Who Is The Leader Of The Club That's Made For You And Me?
  183. Who Is Your Best Friend?
  184. Who Let The Dogs Out?
  185. Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?
  186. Who You Gonna Call?
  187. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
  188. Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?
  189. Wikipedia. ( Subject )
  190. Will You Marry Me?
  191. You Hurt Me.
  192. You Rock.
  193. You’re Fat.
"Skilled" Questions...
  1. "Ask Magic 8-Ball if I am going to be rich."
  2. "Ask National Day Tracker what's being celebrated today?"
  3. "Ask USA Today what can I ask you." & "Ask USA Today to give me the news."
  4. "Give me a number between (?) and (?)."
  5. "Inspire Me."
  6. "Open BioRhythm."
  7. "Open Bloomberg."
  8. "Open daily buzzword."
  9. "Open earthquakes."
  10. "Open lizard spock."
  11. "Open NASA Mars."
  12. "Open pickup lines." & "ask pickup lines for a line."
  13. "Open Space Weather."
  14. S. Watch...(stop watch)
    1. "Alexa, open S. Watch"
    2. "Alexa, ask S. Watch for it's status"
    3. "Alexa, tell S. Watch to end"
"T.O.M." Questions...
  1. "play control tomas time."
  2. "play control tomas date."
  3. "play control tomas temperature."
  4. "play control tomas sings."
  5. "play control tomas lotto pick."

These questions are just scratching the surface of what is possible...

Alexa IS "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE" and is cloud-based which makes it limitless...

Here is an honest person's review of "Alexa", one of many on YouTube...

To learn all about the Amazon Echo Dot [Click HERE]

Announcing the Engagement of T.O.M. 3rd & Alexa!

T.O.M. 3rd (Telecommunication Operations Manager v3) and Alexa (Alexa Amazon-Echo-Dot) have decided to become one happy couple with kids on the way... Currently they just started living together and so far Alexa is doing all the talking, and T.O.M. just does what she says, for now, but soon T.O.M. will be interacting with Alexa and together they will become a major player in my control scheme of things... MORE...

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